Rapid Chargers

The Evolt Rapid range of DC charging systems have proved their performance by charging a car in under 15 minutes. Evolt Rapid's are 50kW DC chargers with options for charging two vehicles simultaneously.

Communications (Ethernet & 3G) are integrated to allow permanent connection with remote charging stations, from which charging equipment data can be monitored in real time.

The product has been carefully designed to ensure user safety with comprehensive electrical protection.

                                                  Advanced & Compact Rapid Chargers

Tri Rapid Charger

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Features and Benefits

Evolt Rapid Range


Also available as a single DC outlet unit.


Also available as a single DC outlet unit. (CHAdeMO or CCS Combo 2)


Also available as a dual AC/DC outlet unit and as a single DC outlet unit.

Power Unit

Rapid Charger at Dundee Council

Rapid Compact Charger at Dundee Council

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